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Public Service Staffing Tribunal

The rules of the labour relations game changed a great deal at the end of 2005, with the coming into force of a new Public Service Employment Act. That act also established a Public Service Staffing Tribunal to deal with complaints related to internal appointments and lay-offs.

The PSST now provides the only hearing-based recourse available to UVAE members falling under the authority of the Treasury Board. However, unlike the pre-2005 days, the UVAE National Office is not notified by the PSST when a complaint has been filed. Members wishing union representation when filing a PSST complaint should indicate this when completing the complaint form and must call the UVAE National Office, which is responsible for assigning a union representative.

In addition, a copy of all documentation forwarded to the PSST must be sent to the UVAE National Office by the complainant. Copies of this important documentation should be sent to the attention of Kim Coles at colesk@psac-afpc.com.

One final point. The PSST adheres to very strict timelines, which must be met. Information as to these timelines and much more useful information can be found at www.psst-tdfp.gc.ca. Effective representation on PSST complaints can only be provided when the above steps are taken, so please help us to help you.


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