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January 28, 2019


To: UVAE Members

This is to advise that due to the vacancy of the National President position elections for UVAE National President were held and Virginia Vaillancourt, former National Executive Vice-President is your newly elected National President.

Media Coverage of VAC Office Closures

We knew it would be big, but never imagined we’d have well over 3,000 people packing the streets of Sydney on Saturday! About one tenth of the population of the greater Sydney area came out to support veterans protesting the closure of Veterans Affairs office closures. For photos and video and to get an idea of the level of community support visit the Facebook event page here.


Here is a u tube video of the VAC Sydney Office demonstration produced by John Ardelli, Pedaling Prince Pictures. 

Office Closures

Hill Times
War veterans across the country are urging the government to reconsider its decision to shut down nine Veterans Affairs regional district offices that they rely heavily on to get frontline services and are reacting with anger to Veterans Affairs Minister Julian Fantino for asking veterans to make use of mobile apps, such as “PTSD Coach Canada” and “OSI Connect,” to get “customized mental health support.”

Media coverage of VAC cuts

UVAE has been much in the news of late because of the Conservative government's announcement of job cuts at Veterans' Affairs Canada.


Veterans Affairs has announced more jobs cuts today, which will again reduce services to veterans who have already felt the impact of severe cuts to the department since the 2012 budget.

Cape Bretoners protest Veterans Affairs cuts

The Public Service Alliance of Canada rally joined veterans with other public sector unions to demand that the office remain open with the 14 people it employs.

Veterans march to save office

SYDNEY — Veterans marched in front of the office they’ve come to rely on, once more sending a message to the federal Conservatives their needs shouldn’t be shuffled to another government department.

Federal government pledges to hire more injured vets

Veterans Affairs Canada is set to expand a program designed to give injured veterans priority hiring in the public service after jobs dried up due to federal cuts, CBC News has learned.

Sainte-Anne's Hospital Transfer

Demonstraton held at Ste-Anne's Hospital on Saturday, April 6, 2013