While Veterans Affairs is closing offices across Canada, cutting front-line staff and reducing services to veterans, RCMP and their families, the conservative government signed a $318 million dollar contract with a private company to do the work previously done by public service workers.  The cost of the contract is close to the same amount that the department will save by reducing front line staff.  
The needs of veterans are becoming greater and more complex, requiring collaboration between provincial and federal departments. Employees are working with fewer resources with more complex legislation and programs.
Veterans are now being passed off to Service Canada, where they are directed to a computer, told to call a 1-800 number, or have to drive hours away to a Veterans Affairs District office that has not been closed.  Is this what our veterans deserve?
The only winners in this exercise are the corporations who are profiting from these cuts, while taxpayers are expected to pay more and veterans are forced to receive diminished services.
The cuts to front-line services at Veterans Affairs are being made on the backs the veterans - the men and women who have sacrificed their health and lives for the safety and security of Canadians.
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