Veterans Affairs has announced more jobs cuts today, which will again reduce services to veterans who have already felt the impact of severe cuts to the department since the 2012 budget.
Veterans Affairs told PSAC that they advising 297 employees across Canada that their jobs will be “affected”, and in total, 224 positions will be cut.  210 PSAC members in the department received notices today that their positions are either “affected” or “surplus”.  The majority of those, 153, are in Charlottetown, PEI.   This latest announcement affects employees who deliver a variety of important services to veterans and their families.
Meanwhile, the government signed a $318 million dollar contract with a private, for-profit company to deliver some of those services.  Many veterans are losing access to front line, face-to-face service from public service workers, and instead are being told to phone a toll-free number or use a computer at a Service Canada office.   
“The reduction of front line staff at Veterans Affairs is being made on the backs of their clients, the veterans - the heroes of our nation, the men and women who have sacrificed their health and lives for the safety and security of Canadians”, said Yvan Thauvette, President of the Union of Veterans Affairs Employees.
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