New PSAC Website

Dear Sisters and Brothers,


I am pleased to announce that we are launching the new PSAC national website. PSAC's new website is the result of two years development, design and research, including:

·   Extensive consultation with elected officers and staff;

·   Membership consultation and user experience testing;

·   New vocabulary and site structure based on the needs of our main audience - PSAC members;

·   A content audit to reduce the number of pages on the website, which were then updated and edited.

·   A content strategy to ensure the site does not recreate the mistakes of the past.

The new website comes with important innovations, including:

·  A new contemporary mobile-friendly design;

·  A content management system which uses a searchable, categorizable database to store and display content and that will allow us to build new 
   and more effective ways of serving our members;

·  A portal where members can change their contact information in Unionware;

·  A website search function that works;

·  A new domain name: and (the current domain names will still point to the new website and continue to be used for email).

We will be bringing out new features in the weeks ahead. And as with anything new, there may be some glitches. Please give us your feedback using the following form ( ).

In solidarity,