Summary of Discussion from WFA Committee Meeting – November 14, 2012


In attendance:

VAC: Charlotte Bastien, Don Love - Chair, Terry Wiseman, Theresa Finkle

UVAE: Yvan Thauvette, Kim Coles

PIPSC: Doreen Weatherbie

AJC: Rick Swoffer


Discussion Items

OPI for action items

  1. Agenda/Previous Minutes


  • No agenda items were provided prior to the meeting.

  • Summary from October was modified then approved.

  • An additional PIPSC representative will receive the summary of discussion.

Action Item: Terry Wiseman will issue amended summary to Committee.


2. Alternation

  • Current numbers for VAC’s alternation program were discussed, including how many opting CSA’s remain who are looking for alternation.

  • UVAE asked to have a refused alternation between a CSA and another department looked into. Although the alternation was refused by the other department, the grievance process requires the VAC employee to file their grievance with their home department.

Action Item: Charlotte Bastien agreed to get details from Kim Coles and follow up with Service Canada.

  • UVAE also asked as to the status of another alternation.

Action Item: Don Love is to follow up with the submission to Finance/HR Committee and advise Kim Coles of the result.

  • A concern was raised that the wording in the new Employment Equity and Diversity Action Plan is not specific enough to ensure proper consideration of Employment Equity in WFA situations. Management shared details of how Employment Equity was taken into consideration for the CSA SERLO exercise.








Terry Wiseman








Charlotte Bastien



Don Love





  1. Reductions

  • Management confirmed that future reductions were not ready to be announced, but that bargaining agents would be advised when dates were known.

  • Members discussed the number of department-wide departures to date for the current fiscal year. It was agreed that the number (146) would be broken down by group and level and shared with Committee members, but in smaller groups would have to generalize information so individuals are not identified.

Action Item: Don Love to provide breakdown of departmental departures by group and level, and bargaining agent, to Committee members.

  • Committee members discussed the use of casual employment rather than terms for longer-term temporary needs, such as maternity leave. Management confirmed that terms were the first option where possible, but that management would use casuals for shorter term back-fills where terms were refused.


4. Round Table Items


Action Item: Terry Wiseman to issue modified TOR the week of November 19.


  • Next meeting would be scheduled for first week in December, due to Committee members being unavailable week of November 26.







Don Love







Terry Wiseman