President's Message

A Word from the National President

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you on the Union of Veterans Affairs Employees Website. We hope that this site will help you better understand our activism as a Union as well as our commitment to the clients we serve.

I must admit that things have evolved quite a bit since we first offered services to our membership. The many changes brought about in the Federal Public Service made us become proactive with Union-Management Committees, which in turn have brought forth positive changes. The various meetings often permit us to clarify certain situations, answer questions and prevent the running of the rumour mill.

As Union rank-and-file, you are in charge. To exist we need you to get involved in the matters of the Union. The services that we offer are mainly dictated by your requests and interests. It is becoming more and more stressful to work for the Federal Public Service or a Separate Employer. Overcoming challenges and dealing with issues is equally stressful.

You have the right to be more demanding. Whether we are talking about work-life balance, employment equity, staffing, classification or the major changes the employer is requesting in the way you provide service to clients, the challenge remains the same. Your Union must remain in direct communication with you, the member, whether at the local, regional or national level.

The UVAE elected officers and UVAE members must work together and be at the forefront of this joint effort in order to promote the interests of all workers.

Whether it is serving our veterans, peacekeepers, reservists, the armed forces or the RCMP, our members face daily challenges in order to give clients the service they deserve. Women and men who face today’s conflicts often return home with physical or psychological after-effects and require help and care. They fight to ensure a world of peace and freedom. They deserve our gratitude. I must point out that the service you provide is of the utmost quality.

However, our work is far from over. There are many challenges ahead of us. We need your help and support in order to decrease tensions and maintain or improve your quality of life in the workplace.

Help us to help you!

You, the members, are the strength of your Union, the Union of Veterans Affairs Employees.

In Solidarity,

National President