Services provided by UVAE

  • providing guidance on issues related to conflict resolution, health and safety, and technological change;
  • interpreting collective agreements and legislation;
  • advising Union Representatives who require help with grievance wording and representation;
  • representing members on appeals, National Joint Council and final level grievances;
  • interpreting, administering, managing and enforcing Component By-Laws, Regulations, Policies, and decisions of the National Executive;
  • controlling Component funds in a manner established at triennial convention, and issuing monthly rebates to locals;
  • publishing Bulletins, Information letters and the UVAE Newsletter Info Plus, to keep members informed.
  • maintaining membership records for UVAE members; supplying Steward Kits to Local Officers; requesting PSAC Identification Cards from the Alliance and forwarding them to new members;
  • networking and information sharing by organizing Component Committees and hosting meetings such as the Regional Local Presidents Meetings;
  • representing the Component on the PSAC National Board of Directors and on various Committees; maintaining communication between the Component and the PSAC;
  • promoting PSAC campaigns, such as Pay Equity and Fightback campaigns; encouraging members' participation;
  • encouraging members to attend training courses sponsored by the PSAC, CLC, Provincial Federations of Labour, District Labour Councils, etc., and providing reimbursement for expenses for those other than PSAC courses;
  • organizing and coordinating the Triennial Convention and National Executive Officers meetings, and carrying out the Directives, Policies and Decisions made by these bodies.