Virginia Vaillancourt elected national president

This is to advise that due to the vacancy of the National President position elections for UVAE National President were held and Virginia Vaillancourt, former National Executive Vice-President is your newly elected National President.

As a vacancy has also occurred due to the RVP, Québec who was the Alternate NEVP moving into the NEVP position, elections were held and the new RVP Québec is Nancy Gagné, from Local 10042 and Caroline St-Pierre, is now the alternate RVP, Québec and is from Local 10007.

Effective February 1, 2019

Edwin MacDonald as the duly elected Alternate RVP Atlantic will be the RVP Atlantic.

Shane Polak as the duly elected alternate EOC will be the EOC.

We would like to welcome the new National Executive to the team.

The National Office is in the process of running elections for the Alternate RVP Atlantic and information has been sent out to the Atlantic delegates.

We are also in the process of starting elections for the Alternate NEVP and Alternate EOC. More information will be coming out by mail in the coming weeks to delegates who attended the 2017 UVAE Triennial Convention and are members in good standing.

The National Office is aware that the UVAE Website needs to be changed and updated and we are actively reviewing quotes to determine the best options for the Component moving forward with our Website. This will not be a quick process, though we wanted to advise you that we are actively working on this.

The National Executive have created a sub-committee who are actively planning the Local Presidents’ Conference which will be held this spring in Ottawa. More information will be mailed out to Local Presidents in the coming weeks regarding the conference logistics.

Planning has also started for the UVAE 2020 Convention.