Report of the National Executive Vice-President – May 2019

I submit, in solidarity, my activities report from October 2018 to this date as Regional Vice-President (RVP) for the Quebec Region as well as for the National Executive Vice-President (NEVP) for the same period.

RVP Québec

I have given advice and guidance to Local Representatives and offered help on issues related to their needs (interpretation of collective agreement, duty to accommodate, union dues, grievances, etc.). Quebec members know that I am at their disposal to address their concerns at all times.Members in my region are mobilized and involved and are disillusioned with the Phoenix fiasco. I participated in second level grievance hearings in my region related to duty to accommodate and violence in the workplace. The employer seems to advocate for a work environment free of discrimination and harassment, but on the other hand we must fight to enforce our members’ rights as it has been found that some members have experienced violence in their workplace.


I served as interim NEVP from October 2018 to January 15, 2019. I officially became NEVP in January 2019 and I relocated to Ottawa on February 3, 2019. It is a big change in my life and quite an adjustment for my partner; the decision to relocate was made by both of us and I reside in Ottawa due to my partner’s and my family’s support.

I am extremely proud to serve our members from coast to coast in both official languages and to work closely with the National President, our RVPs and the EOC.

The numerous issues experienced by our members arising from the Phoenix Pay System are completely unnecessary and inhumane. Our members deserve RESPECT and the PHOENIX FIASCO is a disgrace for a country like CANADA. My hearings on the Phoenix grievances took place on February 2019. With the approval of the members, I submitted a synopsis of every Phoenix case to the Transformation Pay Administration Centre as well as to Phoenix contact persons in order to obtain action before the hearing.

We are exerting pressure to have this issue resolved as quickly as possible but, as you know there are thousands of cases pending.Ever since taking office as NEVP, I have been very busy collaborating with RVPs in their respective regions and providing advice and guidance.

Some delays are occurring with the Pheonix Files in obtaining a summary of concerns. Obtaining this information is of the utmost importance, not only to prepare for the hearing, but also to send urgent requests to the Pay Centre. I have noticed that signatures are missing in some grievances; I followed up with the RVPs concerned so they in turn can follow up with the members.

On March 19, I participated with the National President, Virginia Vaillancourt, in a mobilization event in Montreal to oppose the slow progress with regard to negotiations and the lack of action in finding a solution to the Phoenix fiasco. Several hundred members from many Components were blocking access to a Federal building in downtown Montreal until approximately 11 a.m. I participated with the NP in the Montreal Local 10042’s AGM meeting.

On March 20, I took part in the Ottawa Office AGM, at Slater.

I will attend the Fédération des travailleurs et des travailleuses du Québec (FTQ) “Séminaire de réflexion sur la formation syndicale” taking place on April 9 and 10. Under the theme Conjugate, learn and take action, we will take the time to reflect collectively on ways to better capture the benefits of union training. It is an important investment, earmarked year after year, that we commit to this mobilization and reinforcement tool of our labour movement.

My first report is brief. It is possible that I have omitted some information since I am still learning. Rest assured that I have a passion to defend members from coast to coast. I will keep working closely with the National President, all RVPs and the EOC.

In Solidarity

Toufic El-Daher
National Executive Vice-President