Report of the Regional Vice-President, Western Region – May 2019

It is with great pleasure that I am submitting my report that covers the period of October 2018 to March 2019.

In October 2018, I was able to attend the PSLREB Staffing Tribunal Advanced Representation Training. The training provided me with the ability to represent the membership before the PSLREB Staffing Tribunal. It provided me with tools to facilitate case preparation, scrutinize legislation, regulations, polices and precedents necessary to represent before a Tribunal. The ability to practice and hone advocacy skills in thecontext of the staffing tribunal    and    its    particular  processes.

Regionally, it has been very busy. I have been able to attend the Annual General Meetings in our Alberta Locals this year.

I am proud to say we have welcomed new Presidents, Vice-Presidents, Secretary’s and Treasurers in anumber of our locals in our region. Our newly elected Local Executives are very committed to protecting their members’ rights and upholding the Articles within our Collective Agreement and our members’ Human Rights.

I would like to formally say thank you to our previous Local Presidents, Vice- Presidents, Secretaries and Treasurers for all their hard work and dedication to our Component and their members.

Ensuring training and education is at the forefront for our Western Locals, I will be working with the PSAC in both the BC and Prairie Region to ensure our Locals receive the training they need to support our members.

I am currently presenting grievances at the first and second levels and continue to assist and support the Western Presidents. In addition, I have been meeting with Area Directors and the Director General of Field Operations where I addressed many topics including staffing levels, training, accommodations and ensuring our members have a work life balance.The Executive will be meeting the Employer at our NLMCC in May, where we will work with the Employer to ensure the Department is a workplace of choice. Together we can accomplish many things to support our members by addressing such topics as staffing, recruitment, mental health, accommodations and health and safety.

As a UVAE Finance Committee Member, I assisted our team in the planning of our upcoming Presidents Conference that will take place at the end of May in Ottawa. I am looking forward to the Conference and to   seeing   all   of   our   local Presidents.

I would like to welcome and congratulate Shane Polak as he is now our UVAE Equal Opportunity Coordinator, he has assumed the position as of  February 1,  2019.

I would also like to take this opportunity to formally say thank you to our Local Executive Members and their Stewards for continually supporting and providing assistance to their members.

I apologize for the shortness of my report; however, I can provide further details and updates at our NEO meeting in May.

In Solidarity

Lisa Nelson
Regional Vice-President, Western Region