Checklist for Union Representatives Accommodation on the Basis of Disability

Is there a disability?

  • Medical information may be required
  • If the member is unable to obtain the medical information themselves and clarification is needed then obtain voluntary release for medical information that relates to the accommodation needs only (not a release of all medical information or medical information that does not relate to the disability that requires accommodation)

What is the extent of the disability?

  • Job demands analysis and work description to be provided to the physician or otherexperts
  • Medical information concerning the nature and extent of restrictions and limitations
  • Ensure medical information links restrictions and limitations to the accommodation of the job
  • Follow-up if medical information is inadequate or inaccurate

Can the employee’s own job be modified short of undue hardship?

  • Work and workplace redesign and re-bundling of tasks
  • Use of equipment, assistive devices
  • Alternative or flexible schedules and hours
  • Reassignment and other available jobs
  • Temporary rehabilitative assignments

Has a thorough review of other “available” positions or modified duties been conducted?

  • Inside the section, branch, department
  • Inside the whole organization
  • There should be an extensive examination of the workplace to see if there are possible accommodations with the least economic and emotional impact on the individual.

Has the cooperation of the employee been secured?

  • Information about the extent of restrictions and the nature of accommodation needed
  • Job modification suggestions
  • Voluntary written consent to release medical information (relevant for the accommodation)

Has the cooperation of the union been secured?

  • Union representative is proactive in putting forward possible accommodations
  • Assessment of the collective agreement rights
  • Consideration of impact on rights of others and on collective agreement
  • Consideration of confidentiality and privacy rights

Does the accommodation allow the worker to retain their dignity?

  • If not, are there other methods of accommodation available, which would better promote dignity without imposing undue hardship?

Is there a process for ongoing review of the effectiveness of accommodation?

  • any changes in circumstances which would impact the availability of accommodation
  • regular and consistent monitoring
  • input from employee, employer, medical professionals and union

Is there documentation of each stage of the process?

  • Personnel records (i.e. absenteeism record)
  • Information from the employee
  • Medical information
  • Notes of interviews and telephone calls
  • Record of accommodation discussions with the union, employee and employer
  • Record of alternative or modified duties and positions available
  • Record of modified duties, alternatives considered and scope of modifications
  • Record of all costs, safety risks with alternatives
  • Record of why accommodation and alternatives were accepted or rejected