UVAE Convention Bulletin No. 4



Local Presidents are asked to include the election of Alternate delegates to Convention on the agenda of their Local Annual meeting for the election of Local Officers.

UVAE By-Law 10, Sections 12 to 15, which governs the selection and entitlement of Delegates, is repeated hereunder for Local guidance in selecting and reporting delegates:

Section 12

“At least four months prior to the opening date of the National Triennial Convention, each Local shall elect from amongst its members at a general meeting of the Local, accredited delegates to the Convention. The Local President is the automatic delegate to the Convention. The Locals must elect an alternate to the Local President.

Selection of additional delegates to Convention will be determined on the basis of the following table:

    7 to 150 members – 1 delegate
151 to 250 members – 2 delegates
251 to 350 members – 3 delegates
351 to 450 members – 4 delegates
451 to 550 members – 5 delegates
551 to 650 members – 6 delegates
651 to 750 members – 7 delegates
751 to 850 members – 8 delegates
851 to 950 members – 9 delegates

and one additional delegate for each 250 members or major fraction thereof over 950 members.

For the purpose of determining the number of delegates to which each Local shall be entitled for any regular or Special Convention, the membership of each Local shall be the highest number for which the Component is entitled to receive dues, excluding RAND formula deductees in the 12 months prior to the month in which the delegate names are to be submitted to the national office, which is 4 months prior to the opening date of the National Convention.”

Delegate entitlement

If your Local Delegate entitlements increase after the membership totals are received in July 2020, which is the May checkoff report, you will be informed.

Section 13

“Each Local shall elect alternate delegates

 who shall attend the National Triennial Conventions in place of any accredited delegates who unavoidably cannot attend Convention.”

Section 14

“Immediately following the election of Local delegates to the National Triennial Convention, the Local Secretary shall submit to the National Office the names of the Local’s accredited delegates on a credential form supplied by the National Office of this Component.”

Section 15

“No delegate shall be nominated who has not attended at least 75% of the Local meetings during the prior twelve-month period, unless a satisfactory reason is given for such absence.”


Quantities of Convention Delegate, Alternate Delegate and Observer Credential Forms, identified as “CONV. 3”, “CONV.4” and “CONV.5” will be distributed to Locals in the near future.  A credential form must be completed for each accredited delegate, with the original received in the National Office no later than May 30, 2020.


Further information related to the convention accommodation and travel arrangements will be provided to delegates once their credentials have been formally recognized.

In Solidarity
Virginia Vaillancourt, National President