Our part in COVID-19

 An important message to all members of UVAE 

 Dear member of UVAE, 

You are receiving this message on behalf of the National Executive (NE) of the Union of Veterans’ Affairs Employees (UVAE), a component of the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC), as a valued member of our union. The wellness of our members is paramount to all of us. To that end, we are and have been working day and night to advocate for your rights during this pandemic. Your National President Virginia Vaillancourt has been in daily communication with senior management at Veterans Affairs Canada to discuss COVID-19 and VAC’s plan during this pandemic situation. Your National Executive have been starting to hold regular teleconferences to receive updates and discuss any concerns from the regions across Canada. 

The National President has been meeting with senior management to follow up on the following to help ensure the safety of our members and highlighting the importance to be proactive in helping to stop the spread of this virus: 

  • Allow employees to work from home as per message from Treasury Board President 
  • Any and all employees with pre-existing conditions or who have family who have pre-existing conditions which present vulnerabilities in this pandemic be able to stay home under other paid leave 
  • Other Paid leave for those impacted by multiple day care and school closures across Canada 
  • Employees be given necessary equipment required in order to be safe 
  • That those employees who have to go out and see clients have the option to decline during the pandemic 
  • Limit in-person services 

The National President has been clear with the department that the Union wants to ensure that we are ahead of any potential situation and assist with some reasonable precautions. 

If you have any concerns regarding your health and safety, please discuss the concerns with your manager to discuss alternate arrangements for you during this time. If you have any difficulties, please contact your Local President and cc your respective RVP so that we can ensure that your rights are being protected. 

Although the pandemic may cause some expected changes with the bargaining process, UVAE continues to ensure that our members’ rights will be respected, and their work valued and made safer. 

As we continue to pressure the employer, we would like to encourage you to educate yourselves on what you can do to stay safe such as by reading information from this reliable source: 


We would also like to remind you of your rights at work, including your right to refuse dangerous work: http://psacunion.ca/covid-19-your-rights-work 

Further updates will be made available as required. 

In solidarity, The UVAE National Executive 

Regional Vice President Contact Information: 

Atlantic Region including Area Office in PEI – Edwin MacDonald – rvpatlantic@uvae-seac.ca 

Charlottetown Head Office – Jody LaPierre – rvpheadoffice@uvae-seac.ca 

Ontario Region (all of Ontario) – Zarina Khan – rvpontario@uvae-seac.ca 

Quebec Region (Quebec, Montreal, Gatineau) – Rosa Martin – rvpquebec@uvae-seac.ca 

Western Region (Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, BCMYA) – Lisa Nelson – rvpwestern@uvae-seac.ca