Update on COVID-19

 I am writing to you further to my memo dated March 15, 2020 to which you received. I have been receiving numerous concerns from our members across the country through Local Presidents and Regional Vice-Presidents.

The concerns have been regarding how most of your fellow colleagues were sent home yesterday and told to work from home or wait for further information while others were told to remain in the office or to come back to the office to work. 

Please note that the Union continues to meet with the employer to raise these concerns and to seek immediate resolution for the Health & Safety of all our members across Canada. UVAE wants the direction from the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO), the World Health Organization and the Prime Minister to be implemented immediately. 

As per my memo yesterday, if you have any concerns regarding your health and safety, please discuss the concerns with your manager to discuss alternate arrangements for you during this time. 

UVAE is advising employees who have concerns to request leave under Article 53 of the PA Collective Agreement. The Global Pandemic declared by the World Health Organization is a circumstance not directly attributable to you as an employee and as the CHRO has advised all Government of Canada employees to work from home beginning March 16th; the global pandemic prevents employees from reporting to work for Health & Safety reasons. 

If you have any difficulties, please contact your Local President and cc your respective RVP so that we can ensure that your rights are being protected. 

In Solidarity/ En toute solidarité, 

Virginia Vaillancourt 

National President