Also called Bisexual Pride Day, is an important way to recognize our bi+ friends and celebrate their identities.                    

National Bi Visibility Day, is a brainchild of three bisexual activists Wendy Curry, Michael Page and Gigi Raven Wilbur, during a conference they were attending in Johannesburg, South Africa – the International Lesbian and Gay Association Conference in 1999.

September 23 was the birthday of Freddie Mercury, a well known and well regarded bisexual and hence this day was chosen in his honour.

At first this day took hold in areas where there was an extremely strong bisexual presence, however with the passage of time it is now celebrated nationally, by bisexual people along with their families, friends, allies and supporters.

Berkley, California, in September 2012, declared September 23 as the Bi Sexual Pride and Bi Visibility Day and became the first city in the US to officially proclaim a day recognizing bisexuals.

In 2013, the White House hosted its first bi-specific event inviting 30 bisexual advocates to discuss issues of specific importance to the bisexual community.  This same year The UK Government’s minister for Women and Equalities issued a statement   “.I welcome BiVisibility Day which helps to raise awareness of the issues that bisexual people can face and provide an opportunity to celebrate diversity and focus on the B in LGBT”

There are a lot of events held across Canada celebrating our bisexual members and their achievements, and UVAE along with PSAC take great pride in supporting our bisexual members.  We stand strong for you!

Prepared by,

Shane Polak
Zarina Khan
Rosa Martin
Members of the HR Committee