Results of Case Manager Survey

National President/Présidente nationale Virginia Vaillancourt
November 18, 2021

Case Manager Survey

Of the 160 survey participants, 6 identified as not Case Managers. We have included their responses as we did not preselect this as a disqualifier. Statistically their input does not alter the survey results in any significant manner.

There were 114 English responses and 46 French responses

The regional breakdown was as follows:

Atlantic: 15
Head Office: 0
Quebec: 41
Ontario: 66
Western: 33

RSVP Contract

Regarding the current Rehabilitation Services contract, 47% reported having had a neutral experience, 37% that their experience has been positive or very positive, and 21% negative or very negative.

91% of respondents had heard about the new Rehabilitation Services contract.

44 % responded that the information they’ve been given about the contract was neutral, with 23% saying it has been somewhat negative and 10% saying it had been very negative.

Key concerns about the new RSVP contract include:

• What the future role of case management will look like
• How it will affect Case Manager’s job descriptions
• Not receiving adequate information
• Receiving vague answers to important questions
• Worry about contracting out and job loss

Caseload and Workload

62% responded that they do not have the support they need from the Department to carry out work in supporting Veterans.

66% responded that they would benefit from a lower caseload, 15% requested more administrative support, and 9% would like more training.

The current caseload breakdown was as follows (of 130 who answered):

Less than 25: 3
25-35: 20
35-45: 64
45-50: 31
More than 50: 12

74% responded that they cannot handle their current caseload and provide quality care to Veterans.

The vast majority of respondents reported that the average caseload for Case Managers in their office was between 40-45 and they would require a caseload of around 20-25 to provide quality services to Veterans.

Impact on Mental Health

74% of respondents said that their workload or work situation in the office had affected their mental health.

Of those who responded that it had, 32% had to take time off work as a result, 18% sought professional help, 25% considered leaving the Department as a result, and 15% knew other Case Managers who have left as a result of the mental health toll.