The Human Rights Committee met on 5th October 2021, in order to review the logos received in response to the competition announced in May 2021.  Initially 3 logos were received, 2 of which had poppies contained within their submission.  Unfortunately, the poppy is a trademark of the Royal Canadian Legion and despite our asking for permission to use it in our logo, it was denied.

All 3 participants were contacted and asked to revise their logos without the poppy.  We received 2 back.

After much deliberation the Committee has decided to use the winning logo for one year.  A call out will be sent in May/June of 2022 for another logo, and a second call out in May/June 2023.

In October 2024 the winning logos for all three years will be re-evaluated in order to pick the official logo for the Human Rights Portfolio.

This year’s winner is the logo submitted by Kristen Cocev of the Mississauga Area OfficeCongratulations Kristen and thank you for participating.

Our new logo:

Memory, Dignity and Injustice – the theme for 2022 International Holocaust Remembrance Day

It urges us to remember the victims who faced the actual era of the holocaust but also that we as survivors have to face the consequences of the reality before us. We must be unitedly resistant towards inequality and brutality in such a way that it should be observed that the world really acknowledged the victims and the painful wound of the holocaust is not healing. The day is to promise that real recovery is only when liberty, tolerance and happiness prevail and a system will be reconstituted with much space and broadmindedness.

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