Union challenges minister to meet with case managers

The Union of Veterans’ Affairs Employees is calling on Veterans Affairs Minister Lawrence MacAulay to meet with his employees, Case Managers at the department, to hear their concerns about the new $570 million dollar rehab contract. In particular, they are worried about the impact of this contract on Veterans and on their relationship with Case Managers.

Despite several letters to the Minister — including one from PSAC National President Chris Aylward — he has yet to respond directly to any of the Union’s requests to meet and discuss these concerns. That is why the Union has arranged for a public meeting space in Charlottetown on September 27 and invited the Minister to meet with a group of Case Managers from across the country.

“We want to have a public discussion with the Minister about this contract and the impact on Veterans and his own employees,” said Virginia Vaillancourt, National President of the Union of Veterans’ Affairs Employees. “He can hear firsthand from Case Managers who feel that service to Veterans will suffer and give him an opportunity to respond.”

The meeting will be held at The Holman Grand Hotel on September 27 from 4:30-6:00 pm AST and is open to the public and media. The Minister is invited to make an opening statement and will be given an opportunity to respond to any issues and concerns raised by Case Managers. The audience will also have the chance to ask both the Minister and the Union any questions after the presentations.

“We have been waiting for answers for months now, said Vaillancourt. “It’s past time for the Minister to come to the table. Veterans and his own employees deserve answers.” 

Below is a copy of the letter to Minister MacAulay

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