Report of the National Executive Vice-President – September 2022

I am presenting, in solidarity, the report on my activities as National Executive Vice-President (NEVP). This report covers the period from May 1st, 2022, to August 31st, 2022.

National Occupational Health & Safety Policy Committee (NOHSPC)

I sit on the National Occupational Health & Safety Policy Committee (NOHSPC) as a UVAE Representative. We had one meeting during the reporting period, on June 22.

I am Co-Chair of the Working Group for the development and implementation of a National Health and Safety training program. The work is in its embryonic stage; we have had sub-committee meetings to discuss different proposals for online, hybrid and in-person training. More information will follow in the fall.

Once a month, I meet with bargaining agents who sit on the NOHSPC to prepare as a team for the meeting with the employer.


As Chair of the UVAE Finance Committee, I would like to extend my warmest thanks to Zarina Khan for her continued cooperation and hard work. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Brother Michael Shane Polak to the Finance Committee. I would also like to thank our UVAE Financial Administration Officer for her ongoing cooperation with the Finance Committee.

The Finance Committee met on June 8th to review the financial statements for the year 2021 which were then presented to the UVAE National Executive. The financial statements were shared with the membership after the audits and approvals from UVAE National.


I attended the NBOD the week of June 14-16, 2022. Reports from these meetings are available as needed and upon request in both official languages.


I attended a Quebec Federation of Labour (QFL) webinar on the current situation of French in the workplace on May 17th in the evening.


I remain available to members as a contact for problematic Phoenix cases. I refer some of these cases to the PSAC section that handles them and to the compensation team at Veterans Affairs Canada. I am still in direct contact with the PSAC Representation Section in relation to the Phoenix grievances and overpayment letters that cover a period of over six years.


I have weekly meetings with the Manager of the Pandemic Response Unit and other bargaining agents and share the minutes of these meetings with the National Executive Officers. On occasion, I have been replaced during my vacation by Zarina Khan who has been elected as an alternate to the VPEN. I would like to thank Zarina for her availability.


I attended the two meetings organized by the UVAE National Office with case managers in relation to the privatization of some of their work to answer questions and concerns. As a trilingual NEVP, it is very important to use this strength to meet with members, the media and Francophone MPs on UVAE issues. Meetings are planned with French MPs in the coming weeks. As a Union, our strength is teamwork and using each other’s strengths is what will make our great success and our great union solidarity. I invite you to call on me if you have French-speaking members so that I can address them in the language of their choice.

I attend several meetings each week via MS Team or Skype with RVP’s; members regarding their Phoenix files; members who have ongoing grievances related to accommodation measures.

I am also the main administrator of three Facebook pages two of which are public, and one is private:

UVAE QUEBEC (private group)

UVAE EOC SEAC CAE (public group)

UVAE National Office SEAC Bureau national (public group)

On these pages, I share union news and news about equity and diversity here and abroad.

I hope I have not left out any important information, as it is difficult to document all our work in a few pages. I look forward to answering any questions you may have at our September 2022 NEO Meeting.

I was on vacation from June 30 to July 22 inclusive. A huge thank you to Zarina Khan who was there for emergencies during my absence. As a Union, we are fighting for our members to get annual leave and to be able to unwind during this vacation period.

It is important that as elected union officials we are an example of what we are fighting for on behalf of our members.

I am ending my report with a saying from Desmond Tutu that is dear to me:

“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you choose to take the side of the oppressor.”