Report of the Regional Vice-President, Western Region – September 2022

It is my pleasure to report on my activities since my acclimation as RVP West on May 1, 2022. The listed undertakings attached to this report also include my time listening to and advocating for union members and those of us who have disability challenges and those who have grievance issues. In all cases, I have been doing my best to keep the membership informed on all the issues. In addition, my work involves keeping track of the many emails from all levels of the union movement.

I have been selected as a member of the finance committee and take that role seriously. I have done several consultations regarding long term disability, duty to accommodate, 699 leave and other miscellaneous issues.

I have also been busy with my work in the PSAC BC Region and the Vancouver and District Labour Council (VDLC). We have been working on affordable housing, climate change, fighting the Alt-Right, and the upcoming municipal elections. For events, the VDLC is prepping for Laboure Day and PSAC BC is prepping for member outreach.  I hope that my work in these areas will benefit all our UVAE members.

I am grateful for this opportunity to serve as the RVP West and look forward to the work ahead.

Thank you for allowing me to serve.

Statement of Activities from May 1, 2022, to August 1, 2022.

May 5 – 6 PSAC BC Regional Council Meeting in Victoria

May 09 – Meeting with UVAE National President – Pre Brief of Western Region

May 11 – PSAC BC Region Union Safety and Health (BRUSH) Committee

May 12 – VDLC Executive Board Meeting

May 17 – PSAC Webinar – Strikes won during the pandemic

May 17 – VDLC Regular Meeting

May 18 – Saskatchewan Mobilization Summit

May 24 to June 04 – PSAC National Triennial Convention

May 25 – UVAE Convention Caucus and Investment Review Meeting

June 06 – NLMCC Prep

June 07 – NLMCC Meeting

June 08 – UVAE Finance Committee

June 10 – VSA Classification Grievance Briefing

June 14 – Western CM RSVP Townhall

June 15 – PSAC BC Mainland Human Rights Committee Meeting

June 16 – VDLC Executive Board Meeting

June 17 – PSAC BC Region Mobilization Summit

June 20 – UVAE National Executive Team Meeting

June 21 – VDLC Hybrid Zoom Face to Face technical meeting

June 21 – VDLC Regular Meeting

June 24 – Component Mobilization Zoom Meeting

June 29 – CM Campaign Strategy Meeting

July 4 to 8 – Annual Leave


July 13 – RVP/NP Debrief

July 14 – VDLC Executive Board Meeting

July 14 – PSAC BC Regional Council Zoom Meeting

July 19 – VDLC Regular Meeting

July 20 – Component Mobilization Zoom Meeting

July 22 – NEO Bi-Weekly Call