UVAE gets House committee’s attention on case managers

The Union of Veterans’ Affairs Employees has been successful in getting the attention of ACVA: The Standing Committee on Veterans Affairs of the House of Commons to the challenges facing Case Managers and the impact of the new Rehabilitation contract on Veterans. Hearings will begin sometime in October and UVAE will be one of the key presenters to this important study. Below is the motion that was passed by the Committee. More details to follow.  

Moved by Lindsay Mathyssen NDP

September 22, 2022

That the Committee undertake a study of the impact of the new Rehab contract awarded by VAC on the role of the case manager and the quality of service delivery; and that no fewer than 2 meetings be devoted to this study; that the study consist of witness testimony from the Union, Case Managers, Department Officials, and individual veterans; and that the findings shall be reported to the House of Commons upon completion of the study.