National Human Rights Committee



The committee will work to eliminate discrimination in our union, our workplaces, and in our communities.

The committee shall represent members in equity groups as is defined by the Public Service Alliance of Canada (Women, Racialized Workers, 2SLGBTQIA+ Workers, Workers with Disabilities and Indigenous Workers.




This committee shall consist of the National Human Rights Advisor ( NHRA)  who is the chair and at least two UVAE National Executive Officers as appointed by the UVAE National President.  The UVAE National President shall be an ex-officio member of this committee. 


The UVAE National Human Rights Committee will:

  • Meet at least twice a year in person
  • Meet at least twice a year by teleconference and/or at the request of the UVAE National President.


  • Make recommendations to the National President and National Executive Officers (NEO) on union policies, procedures and practices as they relate to Human Rights and Employment Equity.
  • Liaise with other UVAE committees to provide input from a human rights and equity lens regarding our union’s programs, procedures and communications strategy; and
  • Promote the awareness of equity and human rights issues, initiatives and legislation, in our union, our workplaces, and the labour movement;
  • Submit recommendations to the National Executive on resolutions to the UVAE, Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) and to organizations to which we are affiliates and to those body’s conferences and conventions;
  • Ensure that the work of the committee is communicated to our union’s membership through the component;
  • Encourage and promote UVAE local members to participate and attend regional PSAC Human Rights Committees;
  • Support local exercises that aim to raise awareness of equity issues
  • The National Human Rights Advisor (NHRA)  shall represent the committee to the Veterans Affairs Canada  (VAC) National Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee (NDIAC), the PSAC National Human Rights Committee (NHRC) and any other National, Regional Human Rights Committee that attendance has been requested and approved by the UVAE National President.
  • The National Human Rights Advisor (NHRA) shall submit a report to the UVAE National President and the National Human Rights Committee (NHRC), within 10 business days, after attendance at any of the above-mentioned meetings.
  • These terms of reference shall be reviewed and amended at the request of the UVAE National Executive and/or the UVAE National President.


  • The NHRC shall work with the NEO to arrange for training on equity issue(s) for the Local Executives attending the President’s Conference

Terms of Reference approved and reviewed on April 8, 2024.