The Union of Veterans’ Affairs Employees (UVAE) represents approximately 2,700 employees in Veterans’ Affairs Canada (VAC) and its associate agency, the Veterans’ Review and Appeal Board.

UVAE is a Component of the Public Service Alliance of Canada. Up until 2016 UVAE represented the Hospital Services members at the Ste. Anne de Bellevue Veterans’ Hospital. UVAE also represented the Hospital Services members at the Deer Lodge Centre in Winnipeg until 2019. Both facilities have been transferred to provincial jurisdiction.

UVAE members work on behalf of Veterans and their families all across Canada and provide administrative support, counselling, guided support and case management services from their intake through a range of services and supports to help them successfully transition to civilian life. Our members proudly serve Veterans, peacekeepers, reservists, military, RCMP and the Merchant Navy and survivors.

Our Component was one of the first organized after the Second World War and our members were part of two associations, the Department of Veterans’ Affairs Employees National Association and the DVA membership of the Civil Service Association of Canada. In 1966 they merged to form the Department of Veterans’ Affairs Component which in turn has become the Union of Veterans’ Affairs Employees.

Our members work in a range of occupational groups and are organized in 24 Locals from coast to coast. The UVAE National Executive is composed of a President, a National Executive Vice-President, and five Regional Vice-Presidents representing the Atlantic Region, Quebec, Ontario, Western Region and Charlottetown Head Office.